LOV3> Front View


Red Dot Design Award Honorable Mention

With LOV3> Stream your Love.

This project has been done by me and my teammate Ahmad Ahmadalkhorasani.


Patent Title: LOV3> Which is a New Musical Experience

Patent Application Number: 62/315,169

Filling date: 03/30/2016


This product is an active socializing device for sharing and streaming music and love. It is an electronic gadget with an application that helps couples share their moments together and reveal their care and love toward each other. LOV3> helps people to share their favorite songs with their loved one easily only by pressing a button anytime. 

The user also can add five friends that have a similar taste in music, so if their LOV3> is on and they are listening to a music, By rotating the right side knob people can change the music channel between their friends. This product is linked to an app as a platform for managing the data. 



This product has been formed around the notion of love, with the intent to provide the user with a nostalgic experience. Our first goal as designers was to improve and empower the relationship between two individuals. We found that one common theme in relationships is a shared musical experience. Music can create a powerful new experience for bonding--whether it is a romantic bond between two lovers or socializing with friends. People have strong musical exchanges with people whom they love. And yet, musical devices such as mp3 players and headphones create an isolated listening experiencing. Our goal is to design a sound related gadget that helps individuals strengthen their relational bond through sharing a unique musical experience.

Millennials are discovering and enjoying music differently than the generations before them. Younger listeners spend an average of 25 hours a week streaming music from a variety of online services. They resort to social media to share what musical genres, songs, or videos that they like.  Over 80% of millennials own a smartphone, and they are 20% more interested in apps that allow them to share their interests with a broader audience. That means millennials are more appropriate to share what they like on social media. Smartphone music accessibility is important to this demographic because they are looking for new ways to discover and share music.

The challenge was finding the best solution to adjust headphones based on the current lifestyle of millennials. "For all of us, especially for millennials, music is one of those things like fashion that can be used to identify who you are. It gives you a voice and a point of view. Also, it allows you to fit in," Farbman said during his presentation at Advertising Week on Monday evening. This means listening to the music has strong social appeal for millennials.

While sound technology is improving in the latest headphone models, the user’s listening experience has not changed much. LOV3> is a successful effort that caters to the needs of a younger generation and their desires to implement their lifestyle in the final solution and design.

LOV3> is an experience including an app and a headphone which helps couples to reveal their care and love toward each other and socialize actively with their friends at the same time.




Detailed description of the LOV3>

Besides the general function that any wireless headphone has, such as listening to the music, radio or anything else, or answering to the phone calls, the user can send and receive music to/from a specific person. Also, add 5 peoples to his/her followers list in the application and listen to what are they listening to by rotating the right side knob. 

This product is linked to an app as a platform for managing the data. Users can add their friends and partner to the list of their following, See what they shared with loved one, See what friend of theirs are listening to or what was the last song they were listening to and edit their followers and the following list in the app.

The flexible headband makes it adjustable for different head sizes. Also, make it easier for packaging because it bends inside.


Right Side/Knob-Rotate: change the channels (Listen to what friends of yours are listening)

Right side/center button-Press: listen to what your specific person shared with you

Right side/center button-Press/hold: send a song to specific person

Right side/heart icon-blink: you have received a song from your specific person (visual notification for the situations you are not using the headphone)

Double beep: you have received a song from your specific person (sound notification for the situations you are using the headphone)

Left side/Knob-Rotate forward: increase the volume

Left side/Knob-Rotate backward: decrease the volume 

Left side/Trackpad-swipe forward with two fingers: next song

Left side/Trackpad-swipe backward with two fingers: prev song

Left side/Trackpad-tap with two fingers when music is on: pause the music 

Left side/Trackpad-tap with two fingers when music is off: play the music

The button inside the headphone-press: on/off the headphone

Flexible headband: To adjust to different head sizes